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Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
country teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff you might want to change your tax strategy. advice coming up from michael finney. stay with us. we have a lot more to get to. >>> the health of former president george hw bush is a growing concern. the 88-year-old transfered to houston methodist hospital. he's been at the center ever since a lot of month because of a chronic cough. but he's been fighting a high fever for days. this morning he was put on a liquides only diet. >> no one puts new icu because things are going well we're hoping medicine was help him turn things around. >> barbara bush spent christmas by his side, former president george w bush expected to visit incoming days. >> retailers reeling tonight after holiday sales missed marks. they were expecting shoppers to spend 2% more than last year but turns out sales grew less than 1%. very disappointing. david with, a look the impact on the economy. >> there is no doubt that this is a real blow but kboitsing to impact people making goods retailers put on shelves. dispatting growth is likely tied to conservative gifting. >
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
can reach any deal. tomorrow night automatic spending cuts go into effect and everyone's tax bill will increase. >> our top priority has to be to make sure that tacks on middle class family does not go up. that would hurt our economy badly. >> one of the major sticking points appear to be where income tax increases should kick in. they waivered from $250,000 to as high as $1 million. >> tried to give police the slip and then disappeared. the family launches their own effort to find him. >> a bay area county is hosting a gun buyback program with a twist, and areles asking people to turn in an item that might be in your living room right now. >> thrill be rain for the last day of the gleer we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> later, the scoop about a possible new project for apple. an iphone that >> the family of a suspected drunk driver who disappeared while trying to outrun police is offering an award to find him. anthony donaldson has been missing since he scrimped into the court at the madera creek to avoid a sobriety checkpoint. authorities searched the creek on t
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the sand. we'll explain his plan for averting a tax hike. >> thank you for calling. >> i team reveals why a state agency is too busy to take your calls. >>> a late afternoon meeting brings progress towards avoiding the fiscal cliff. tonight abc 7 news mark matthews has been looking into the cost governoring over the live cliff. >> remember, last year it? was part of a deal to end the debt ceiling crisis. congress agreed to steep a spending cuts going into reduce the deficit. cuts now are just around the corner. >> the president says he's optimistic but did f.a deal can not be reached he'll tell hairy reid to introduce a fall back bill. >> put a bill making sure tax on middle class families don't goup, that unemployment is available for two million people z that lays ground work for additional deficit reductions and economic growth steps we can take in the new year. >> the bill, as the president calls bare minimum isn't what many hoped for, pushing off until next year, larger pron lems of dealing with the cuts. the study by george mason university found cuts will result in two million jobs
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
taxes will loom. for americans that bring in $50,000 to $75,000 they will see an increase of $2300. people who make between $75,000 to $100,000 will pay almost double that. news about the fiscal cliff has not been good with the president and congress far apart. if they can't agree on a budget plan by january 1st, government spending cuts will increase automatically. market watchers worry that it will put the country into a recession. >> dan: annual toy drive is in full swing. there are not enough toys so far. so a plea is going out to lefty o'doul's at union square. that is where tomas ramon is live with the story tonight. >> reporter: i seek behind me there are firefighters here, they are collecting toys that people are driving by and dropping off. they collected 4600 toys so far. it's far less than 15,000 they were hoping to collect so they are asking people if they can't want to give a toy for christmas drive by and drop off a gift. six-year-old jordan young has new toy cars for christmas. he is one of three dozen children who are getting gifts early. 8-year-old appreciate yacht
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
of adolescent autos headman at apple moves into a lower tax bracket. tim cook got a stock bonus worth $376 million last year will take home just over $4 million this year. and he got the same 200% bonus as other top april executives. >> more stockings stuffed with mobile devices more tablets ak ti vaited over the holidays. and app down loads more than tripled on christmas day. >> still ahead did you know clothes you wear with affect your health? >> coming up a warning from fashion r9%a+Ñ on what could happen if >>> all right we have a health warning about a fashion item. doctors warning about a phone shallly painful side affect of the ultratight skinny jeans >> check out my skinny jeans. closet is filled of skinny jeans. >> i can wear boots over, and just during daytime, you can wear them with flats. or, jazz them up. >> she admits it's st sm times a struggle squeezing into them. >> they can be hard to get on. >> more than an inconvenience smrks warn a tight fit could cause nerve damage. >> this is called is a disorder that qhurz one of the nerves into the outer part of the thigh gets com
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5